Blue Light Bug Zapper
Blue Light Bug Zapper
Blue Light Bug Zapper
Blue Light Bug Zapper
Blue Light Bug Zapper
Blue Light Bug Zapper
Blue Light Bug Zapper

Blue Light Bug Zapper

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  • Effective Pest Control: Tired of ineffective bug swatters? With its 4,000-volt grid, our electric zapper is an innovative upgrade. Instantly killing flies, mosquitos and pests on contact, annoying insects are now problems of the past.
  • Easy to Use: Specially designed to bring the bugs to you, our powerful zapper features a blue light attractant. Paired with the racket-inspired frame and ergonomic handle, you can eliminate pests with just a single swing.
  • 24-Hour Protection: A must-have for camping trips, barbeques and afternoons at the park, our zapper will go anywhere you do. And since it features an ultra-bright LED, you can even use it at night or in low-light conditions.
  • Quick, Convenient Charging: As quick as it is convenient, our racket charges via USB using the included cable. It’s all thanks to the powerful built-in Lithium battery, which provides up to 10,000 zaps on a single charge.
  • Safe to Touch: Designed with your family’s safety in mind, the racket has an activation button and glowing indicator light. Complete with triple-layer mesh, you don’t have to worry about any accidental zapping.
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Zap Day or Night

Perfect for camping trips and summer nights around the bonfire, our fly zapper features a built-in LED. Switch it on for instant illumination and swing with precision any time of day.

Portable USB Charging

From backyard BBQs to picnics in the park, our mosquito zappers offer relief anytime, anywhere. Just plug it into any USB device for a quick, efficient charge, even when you’re on the go.

Safety First

Designed with safety in mind, each indoor bug zapper features an activation button. When the zap function is enabled, a red indicator light turns on. Paired with a triple layer of protective mesh, it prevents any accidental zapping.

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